Xbox Nexus [U7]

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Xbox Nexus [U7]

Post by Hyz on Mon Apr 03, 2017 3:45 pm

Xbox Nexus MultiTool
Update feature added!
- Changelog: ( Not Fully Released )
Added Gold Spoof
Added Black Ops 2 wallhack - Not for public
Added Black Ops 2 No recoil - Not for public
Added Black ops 2 Jump - Not for public
Added Black ops 2 Redboxes - Not for public
Added Halo Reach Offsets [ Pro ]
XRPC Plugin.cs [ Pro ]
Black Ops 1 And 2 Recoveries [Nexus]
Halo Reach Aimbot, Rapid Fire, Super jump, and Speed [ Pro ]
Entire Black ops 1 Section [ Nexus ]
Gamertag Spoof [ Nexus & Pro ]
Added 100% Campaign *Reach* [ Pro ]
Auto Updater [ Pro ]
MW2 & MW3 Recovery Tools [ Nexus ]
Recovery Notify options [ Nexus ]
Entire Notify Menu [ Nexus ]
Added Connect Button [ Nexus ]

Auto-connect -- if not there is a connect button in the settings

Guest Login:
This is to access everything.


Download [ Direct ]

Virus Scan
-----Image Preview U1-----


---Important Notes---
Please report to me in a pm if there is any bugs found.
Note -
Premium users will gain extra options. --Just like devs
Thanks so much 64G for testing this tool.

Halo Section [USER=492987]Professional[/USER]
Call of duty Section [USER=972357]Nexus Lucifer[/USER]
Design and UI [USER=972357]Nexus Lucifer[/USER]


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