NexusX Project

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NexusX Project

Post by Hyz on Mon Apr 17, 2017 12:20 am

Welcome to the Nexus X U15 Release Post!
We have a few things here,
Read the sections below or look over them

Section - Downloads/Virus Scan
Download [ Direct ]
Virus Scan

Section - Notes/Warnings
Skype Tool Errors:
Skype Status Button: Freezes Program
Nothing Else Reported
Fully Released
NexusX Main:
No Errors reported
Not fully released

Section - Ranks
Users with Ranks:
Nokia: Supporter
Pro: Dev/Owner
Me: Dev/Owner
64G: Dev/Tester
Section - Mods/Tools Included
Black Ops Mods/Recoveries
Halo Reach Mods/Recoveries
MW2 Mods/Recoveries
GTA [ Not Finished Or Supported ]
Black Ops 2 [ Not Finished Or Supported ]
MW3 [ Not Finished Or Supported ]
Skype Tool [ Fully Released ]
Help Menu [ Fully Released ]
Notify Menu [ Fully Released ]
Xbox Settings [ Not Fully Released ]


Please support this site and NINJA

Thank you.
Section - Login
Username: Guest
Password: Se7ensins or se7ensins

If possible please watch the previews thank you.


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